UPDATE 4/30/15 on Mission Himalaya

Mission Himalaya, with the support of Dooley Intermed International Foundation New York, launched its first "MH Help Center" in southern Lalitpur providing free Hot Meals, free Medicines services, distribution of rice, vegetables, biscuits, snacks, instant noodles, glucose, soap, toothpaste, etc. Also water purifier and pipes for drinking water, buckets, mugs, etc. Toilet cleaners, antiseptic stuffs, etc., for appx 300+ people.

The "Hot Kitchen" will commence from tomorrow.

Charu, Karishma, Kalyan, Purusottam, Nitesh, Kishore, Sujan, Ram, Bhagwan and local coordinators all did a fantastic job. This will move on from one village to another and on an "ongoing basis" !!

The Help Center's security was coordinated by a Nepal Army platoon
without whose presence there could have been a scene of looting !!

More will be posted by Mission Himalaya team when they get back to Kathmandu later tonight!

Thank you to Scott W. Hamilton, President of Dooley Intermed International Foundation!!


Nepal has experienced a catastrophic earthquake. The epicenter was in the Gorka region, roughly midway between Pokhara and Kathmandu. The aftermath is almost indescribable, with thousands killed, and many thousands more trapped or missing.  Entire villages have been destroyed. Multiple buildings have collapsed throughout the country, including many historical sites in the capital of Kathmandu. The electricity is out, and food and water are in limited supply, and aftershocks continue.

Miraculously our in-country personnel have all survived, yet are living outdoors, in tents, for fear of further building collapses.

This epic disaster is likely to get worse in the coming days with shortages of food, shelter, clothing, and a desperate need for supplies.

Donations are urgently needed. At this specific moment we are considering all options as to where your generous donations will do the most good. We know Nepal very well, and our team members on the ground in Nepal are in the best position to identify critical needs, places where your donations will make a genuine difference, helping people and communities who are suffering greatly. Your funds will go toward relief, aid, assistance to children, and to those in the greatest need.

Dooley Intermed has been working in Nepal for over half a century. We know and love the country and its people. They need our help now, more than ever. Please help. Every dollar counts, and we will do our level best to be sure it is used for the greatest benefit possible to help this country and its people get back on their feet.

Thank you.

Scott Hamilton, President


News from the Dooley Intermed Restore Vision Expedition 2015  (postponed due to the earthquake)

Nepal Earthquake Postpones Restore Vision Expedition 2015 

Statement from Dooley Intermed International/Operation Restore Vision

April 27, 2015

Forty-eight hours before our team of ophthalmologists were to depart to Kathmandu for the Restore Vision Expedition, a devastating earthquake struck the capital city with loss of life in the thousands. The epicenter of the quake was in Upper Gorkha, the planned location for the Dooley Intermed/Operation Restore Vision eye camp set to open next week. This project has now been postponed.

Our partner, Himalaya Eye Hospital (HEH), has informed us that Upper Gorkha has had many injuries and much infrastructure damage such that the cooperative project we envisioned is simply not possible at this time. We have offered our team of doctors to HEH but they report very few people seeking care for eye injuries caused by the earthquake, most likely because of other more severe trauma.

It is a very difficult decision, but our team must be part of the solution, not an addition to the problem. Haiti was a prime example of how not to render aid, with numerous teams showing up with no infrastructure to support them, and no facility to work in.  While we all want to jump in and help, we have been advised by our local contacts in Nepal to postpone our planned project until conditions are under control and we can deliver care effectively. Typically after a disaster like this orthopedic surgeons are in the highest demand due to crushing injuries and need for amputation.

In the meantime Dooley Intermed has transferred funds to our Kathmandu based agent, Mission Himalaya, so that we can react swiftly to provide vital assistance as targeted situations to provide aid are identified. We will stand ready to assist as much as possible, and wherever possible. Donations are being accepted at www.dooleyintermed.org

While we are thankful our trusted colleagues in Nepal are reported safe, it pains us greatly to think of the loss of life among their friends and family. They will be in our prayers.

Scott Hamilton
Dooley Intermed International

Ronald C. Gentile
Operation Restore Vision


Thank You to our Sponsors and Supporters

In addition to Dooley Intermed International, the expedition is sponsored by ISMS-Operation Restore Vision (www.ismission.org/operation-restore-vision/), Sherpa Adventure Gear which is providing Nepal-manufactured outdoor apparel for the team (www.sherpaadventuregear.com), and Eureka High Camp Tents by Johnson Outdoors (www.eurekatent.com).

Supporters are: DeLorme inReach Explorer Two-Way Satellite Communicator with built-in Navigation, and Power Practical Portable Chargers.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Sponsors 2015 Restore Vision Expedition

Dooley Intermed International medical team heads to Nepal May 1-10th to
provide eye care to villagers in remote Gorkha region. Sherpa Adventure Gear will
supply 24-person team with functional, weather-ready outdoor apparel


U.S. Medical Team Sets Sights on Curing Blindness in Remote Gorkha Region of Nepal Restore Vision Expedition Targets 1,800 Villagers in Impoverished Roadless Region

Check back daily for Blog Updates from the field beginning April 29 thru May 10 



WATCH NOW -  Gift of Sight Expedition 

Mustang Gift of Sight - Dooley Intermed International from Skyship Films on Vimeo.


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