Annual Report

Mission Statement and Purpose

Intermed International, Inc. / DBA Dooley Intermed International is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-sectarian, non-political, private voluntary organization receiving its financial support from private contributions. The purpose of the organization is to provide medical assistance to refugees, children, and villagers in the less privileged parts of the world with emphasis on self-help projects in the areas of preventive medicine, public health, and health worker training.



Projects in brief include:

 Eco-Home Orphanage 
One of the Organization’s major initiatives has been the support of homeless and abandoned children. This led to the Organization to begin helping develop and construct a new Eco-Home Orphanage in the Sankhu Valley, outside the Kathmandu Valley. The organization has continued to support these “at risk” children throughout 2022, providing ongoing funding for the Eco-Home Orphanage operations and supplies. During 2020, the Eco-Home Orphanage program expanded to include 33 children. The Organization’s nutrition enhancement program of 2018 continues to benefit the children through on-site production of eggs and vegetables. The ongoing “urgent need” for these children is assistance with everyday items such as food, medicines, clothing, school uniforms, shoes, blankets & coats, etc. for the cold winter months. The Organization also helps facilitate the school fees and education expenses of specific children through sponsorship by individual donors.


Empowering Female Healthcare Workers

In 2018 Dooley Intermed initiated a training program for these female healthcare workers, a first.   

Our goal was to empower the women with new skills and knowledge while greatly enhancing the quality of care rendered to remote villagers. Our first class of 20 students from Lele Village completed a 40-hour intensive training program conducted by professional instructors and including textbooks, teaching materials and basic medical equipment. Upon completion of the course, each woman received a comprehensive medical kit equipped with a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, scale, medical references and basic supplies.  Most importantly, they are now empowered with new knowledge and skills.

The need for this type of training is immense, with many similar groups of volunteer healthcare workers seeking similar training. It costs about $6,500 USD to conduct a training class. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a class, empower these remarkable female healthcare workers, and help bring ongoing medical care to remote villages in one of the world’s most impoverished countries.


Eye Hospital in Dhalkebar, Nepal (Bogoni Vision Center)

Working with our Nepal based partners, in 2018 initiated construction of a brand new 3-story full-service Eye Hospital in Dhalkebar Nepal, near the border of India. This is an area of great need with a very large disadvantaged population.

The new Hospital now provides care to an estimated one hundred thousand patients per year from multiple districts in Nepal and nearby bordering districts of India. Our goal with this new Eye Hospital is to profoundly improve the quality of life of thousands who are suffering from blindness or visual impairment. By preventing blindness and restoring sight we also dramatically help reduce poverty.   


Outreach Eye Mission-Operation Restore Sight team members and Dooley Intermed “Gift of Sight” mission

2018 Gumghadi Nepal, Eye Mission to Nepal’s most remote district.


Operation Restore Sight team members, working closely with Dooley Intermed International organized an expedition focused on providing urgently needed ophthalmic care to villagers in an extremely remote and impoverished region near Rara Lake in the Mugu District, known for being the most remote region in Nepal, and among the least developed. The Operation Restore Sight surgical team members traveled by bush plane to a small airstrip at 9,000’ then by 4WD and by foot the team along a mountain trail to Gumghadi Village for the multi-day “eye camp” providing comprehensive eye examinations, refractions, eye glasses, medical care and sight-restoring surgeries.

Patients Screened: 931   Surgeries: 87    Doctors Receiving Training: 2


The Ngoenga School for Children with Special Needs, India

We are continuing our support for the Ngoenga School. This program was initiated in 2015 when Dooley Intermed funded the purchase of much-needed physical therapy equipment and special orthopedic shoes for these disabled children. This is the only school in existence for disabled Tibetan and Himalayan children.