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Outreach Mission 2023

Dooley Intermed and Operation Restore Sight are working together to launch an extensive blindness prevention and sight-restoring mission to the Himalayan region, but we need your help to “make it happen”.


This ambitious project includes a team of expert surgical ophthalmologists including clinical instructors and professors of medicine.  The team will depart the USA on November 30, 2023, and be back in time for Christmas.


Upon arrival in Nepal, the team will travel to Dhalkebar, near the border of India. to treat patients in the new Dooley Intermed sponsored Eye Hospital.  The team will provide expert sub-specialty care, host lectures at a local medical college, travel into the Chitwan Jungle villages to provide free care, and perform sight-restoring surgeries in an area of great need. When the work there is complete the team will travel to the Banepa area, Northeast of Kathmandu and just 90 miles from Mt. Everest to work with Reiyukai Eiko Masunaga Eye Hospital, providing expert consultation and performing surgeries on complex and difficult cases while simultaneously engaging in “knowledge exchange” with local ophthalmologists, sharing the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques. This will provide long-lasting benefits to enable ongoing enhanced quality of care. All patients will be treated completely for free, including surgeries, medicines, transportation, food, and lodging for those in need.


 Nepal National Ophthalmology Conference – During the final two days in Nepal the Dooley Intermed / Operation Restore Sight team is co-sponsoring a National Ophthalmology Conference, in partnership with Reiyukia Eiko Masunaga Eye Hospital. His Excellency Ram Chandra Poudel, the President of Nepal, will personally inaugurate the conference. Over 150 ophthalmologists from throughout the country are anticipated to attend. This two-day event will feature expert case presentations and lectures by the team members including detailed question and answer sessions along with sub-specialty discussions and case consultations.


We need your support!  You have the power to enable these miracles. This Dooley Intermed / Operation Restore Sight outreach mission will prevent men, women, and especially children from a lifetime of suffering from visual impairment or blindness caused by preventable or curable infections and diseases.


Ongoing needs – can you help?

Empowering Female Healthcare Workers

“The Florence Nightingales Of Nepal”

Female Healthcare Volunteer Training Program


An article in the British publication Lancet referred to these incredibly dedicated female healthcare providers as “The Florence Nightingales of Nepal.” Florence Nightingale was a hero and considered to be the founder of modern nursing. In 1844 she gave up a life of comfort and privilege, against her parent’s wishes, to pursue nursing. She was so dedicated to nursing that she often cared for patients at night, by lamplight, instead of sleeping. That is how she acquired her nickname, “the Lady with the lamp.” Her pioneering efforts reduced hospital deaths by two-thirds!

In her spirit and honor, Dooley Intermed initiated a series of training programs for female healthcare workers in Nepal empowering these women with new skills and knowledge to enhance the quality of care rendered in remote villages. Our programs each train 20+ carefully selected candidates from remote villages who participate in an intensive 40-hour training program. Upon successful completion, each graduate receives a comprehensive portable medical kit equipped with a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, scale, medical references, and basic supplies. Most importantly, they are empowered with new knowledge, skills, and the professional contacts needed when more advanced medical advice and referrals are required.


Traveling on foot along trails to outlying communities they serve as the frontline healthcare workers, helping to eradicate diseases, treating childhood illnesses, and providing vital medical aid to people with nowhere else to turn.

The need for this type of training is enormous. Based on the great success of our previous Dooley Intermed training programs word has spread and we are now receiving multiple requests from volunteer healthcare workers in many other villages seeking similar training.

It costs $5,000 USD to conduct a complete training program including professional instruction, textbooks, reference materials, a medical kit for each graduate, and a modest stipend to cover the cost of food and transportation to enable women from very poor villages to attend.

Please consider sponsoring a class to empower these truly remarkable female healthcare workers, the “Florence Nightingales of Nepal” to help bring ongoing medical care to remote villages in one of the world’s most impoverished countries.


                                                                                          Florence Nightingale – Mother of Nursing