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We strive:“To treat illness in those who are sick and to prevent illness in those who are well”

Eco Home Orphanage


Dooley Intermed is determined to help the young orphans of Nepal on an ongoing basis, and your contributions are making their dreams come true. We first began helping orphans in Nepal in 2007, when we discovered a group of children sleeping on straw mats on bare floors, with tattered clothing, non-existent healthcare, minimal opportunities for school, and very little food.

Every one of the boys and girls at the Dooley InterMed supported Eco-Home Orphanage has arrived as a result of a harrowing, heartbreaking experience. No child anywhere should have to endure what these children had already suffered in their young lives, often filled with violence, abandonment, forced labor, begging in the streets, malnutrition, and sexual exploitation.

It is truly remarkable to see how their young lives are changed by your support. They thrive in a safe, loving environment with medical care, and nutritious meals surrounded by a caring new family of children and experienced staff.   However, as our founder, Dr. Verne Chaney said, “the need is never-ending”. Every donation, large or small, has incredible power to create life-changing improvements in the lives of these children who had nowhere else to turn.  

December 2023 -Scott Hamilton, President, delivers gifts for the children from their US sponsors.
Outreach Vision Camp

Outreach Gift of Sight Program and the new eye hospital "Bogoni Vision Center"

Loss of vision has profound consequences in a 3rd world living environment. Vision problems in children create severe learning handicaps and can cause them to become social outcasts. In adults, loss of vision often means they must depend on family members or resort to begging to survive. Among the most beneficial medical treatments possible is restoring the gift of good eyesight.

On September 23rd 2022 the new Dooley InterMed sponsored Eye Hospital officially opened in Dhalkebar, Nepal, located near the open border with India. This new facility can provide care to more than 50,000 patients annually from both India and Nepal.

Striving to reach those in the greatest need, even before the official opening, our regional outreach “eye camps” have provided 1,620 sight-restoring cataract surgeries and thousands of refractions.

This Eye Hospital has been the largest project undertaken in Dooley InterMed’s 60+ year history of providing care to those in the greatest need. The worldwide pandemic created a series of unanticipated obstacles and challenges that we had to overcome along the way. It has been quite a challenge, to say the least. It is because of you, our donors, that thousands of men, women, and especially children are now benefiting from the life-changing power of vision! These patients emerge from our eye hospital with productive new lives and opportunities provided by good eyesight!

The regions served by this new Eye Hospital have a massive population, including many impoverished villages. Working with our partner organizations in Nepal, we are striving to reach those in greatest need. Some are old and afraid, hampered by superstition that demons or curses have stolen their vision. Young children who have never had an eye examination will benefit massively from the life-changing power of simple eyeglasses. Most of our patients are very poor. Dooley InterMed’s goal is to help everyone in need.

Dooley InterMed sponsored Auto Rickshaw

Our work is not yet finished. While the new Eye Hospital is well equipped for basic procedures our goal is to add the capability to provide comprehensive subspecialty ophthalmic care. To accomplish this, we have a “wish list” of

Additional Equipment Needs:

Anterior Vitrectomy – $7,900

Auto Refractor -$6,500

Gonio Lens-$700

A donation of $100 will sponsor three sight-restoring cataract surgeries or twenty pairs of basic eyeglasses. Please consider a donation to provide the “Gift of Sight” to those who cannot afford care.

Healthcare Training

The female village healthcare and social workers in many villages of Nepal are extremely motivated and dedicated, but completely lacking in medical training and basic healthcare equipment. Traveling on foot along trails to outlying
communities they serve as the frontline healthcare workers in rural areas to provide social services and medical aid.

Among our most effective programs has been empowering women with our healthcare training programs in Nepal. With their local knowledge and trusted status in their communities they are able to provide proper medical care with education to supplant local “folk remedies” and superstitions in a way that outsiders cannot.

These healthcare workers have been mobilized to provide vitamin A and anti-parasite medicines in a national campaign this year striving to reach all children between 6 months and five years of age. According to the World Health Organization, vitamin A deficiency is a leading cause of visual impairment and vulnerability to illnesses like measles and diarrhea among children.  This program has been credited with reducing deaths among children under age five by 23%.

Dooley InterMed strives to help people in the poorest areas, preventing the spread of disease, and providing medical care, healthcare training, and medicines, often in places other organizations cannot or will not go. We concentrate our efforts in areas where we have unique abilities, contacts, and partnerships so that we can generate maximum benefit for minimum cost.

Graduating class September 2022

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