Why Support Us?

Over 60 Years of Experience. An Outstanding Record. Confidence & Trust. Wherever people are in desperate need, frequently in places other aid organizations cannot or will not go, Dooley Intermed rises to the challenge.

60 Years Of Experience

Dooley Intermed is among the USA’s most experienced, continuously operating international not-for-profit health care providers. Our fifty-year history of outstanding service in numerous countries gives you peace of mind that your contributions are being used effectively. Our established contacts and relationships often enable us to do what others cannot.

Proven Track Record

Dooley Intermed has risen to the challenge in 13 different countries so far. We initiated a herd stocking and child nutrition program in Africa, helped establish clinics in Honduras & Nicaragua, and were among the very first healthcare providers to enter Nepal. Other recipient countries include Vietnam, Somalia, Palestine, Israel, Costa Rica, Myanmar, Thailand and Afghanistan.


You can be confident of your trust in Dooley-Intermed. We are justifiably proud of our 50-year track record, the credibility it provides, and the confidence it inspires. We have helped many thousands of homeless children, widows, mothers, and refugees in some of the most impoverished areas of the world. Your continuing support makes these wonderful things possible.